My Herbal Medicine Methodology

In my Garden where I am most happy! January 2020

I am a Melbourne based herbalist based in the South East who has a mobile practice and is also currently doing online consultations.

My focus is on mental health and wellbeing, with a strong focus on women and children. I integrate herbal medicine, horticultural therapy as well as creative arts and play into my practice, as I believe that herbal medicine is greatly enhanced with a holistic approach.

When you or you loved one comes to see me I will provide you with a personalised wellness protocol which contains a welcome to the herbal medicine you have been prescribed, health and lifestyle recommendations and affirmations.

The first session is an initial consult and generally lasts for 1 hours, and a follow up sessions a fortnight after is 30 minutes.

If you are interested in a herbal consultation with me, and would like to know more, you can book in a free 15 minute discovery call, where we can chat about your thoughts and see if Brodie Botanical is the right fit for you. Simply fill out the form below. Further details on Consultations Costs can be found here

Herbal Blessings,